What is Lifeline for Food Stamp Recipients?

The world economy is going down day by day and price of every commodity is getting higher and higher. It’s getting harder for many people to meet their daily expenses and paying for a cellphone would be the last thing to come in their mind.

But we can’t deny the urgency of a cellphone in today’s world. It is associated with our life so deeply that we can’t even imagine a single day without it. Recognizing the necessity of the cellphone in our day-to-day life, the government launched a welfare program called Lifeline Phone Assistance program two decades ago. Though cell phones weren’t provided initially, people were given discounts on wire-line phone connections and monthly bills. Cell phone service has been included recently in the year 2008.

Many people think that the Lifeline cellphones are outdated and old-fashioned phones with no attractive features. But their perception about the cellphone is totally wrong. The cellphones provided under the Lifeline phone assistance program are advanced phones which are provided by some of the leading telecom companies.

These phones include features like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and international calls. You may not know all the providers of Lifeline cellphones, but the largest providers are affiliated with the big telecom companies we all know. The main Lifeline providers are Q Link Wireless, Assurance Wireless and Reachout Wireless.

So, now hopefully you understand that the cellphones are not some discontinued models rather these are advanced phones with all required facilities. Go visit a Lifeline provider website to sign up or use our form to get started.

Lifeline is an outstanding program
that's now helping 8 million lower income Americans in 37 states, Washington, DC & Puerto Rico, but we won't be satisfied until it's available for those who need it in every state. - Mark Henry

"I don't really feel having a telephone in your household these days is a luxury, it's really a necessity." - Cheryl

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